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Walkie talkie technology pushes polyurethane to its limits, over!


One of the largest suppliers of digital radio equipment and infrastructure in the world was looking for an anti-vibration component to fit a new model. The problem was, they didn’t know what they were looking for all they knew was it needed to be light but firm and with all the shock-absorbing properties PU has to offer...

The challenges....

The component part is fitted behind an intricate circuit board to avoid the internal parts chattering against the outer casing. The component needed to be 2.5g and a certain density without any air holes. This was outside the limits of what anyone has been able to achieve with PU before, to get a consistently accurate weight then 10-15g is a realistic target but we had to knock a further 12.5g off that! The product could neither be too hard nor too soft, too heavy or too light. The size of the unit itself is small and complex making it an awkward shape to de-mould.

The solution....

Through months of research and development our relationship with the customer was a trusting one, they had the confidence in us to produce a product never been done before and yet could deliver the “goldilocks” effect. We built moulds for a machine we normally reserve for making foam balls, ran lots of tests and tweaked the foam system until the client was happy with the consistency. To date we have manufactured over 120,000 pieces.