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Foam is everywhere in vehicles. From mouldings to stop seat belt retractors rattling to engine coverings to reduce noise and keep the engine block warm - we've done it all.

Whether it's small volume handles for bus seating in tough integral skin, or low density, high volume mouldings for NVH applications we are a one stop shop for all kinds of foam systems you will find in vehicles.

Case Study

When Swedish supercar company Koenigsegg needed to reduce the weight of their cockpit components in their new car by changing from solid rubber to a lighter compound for their main display surround, then we got involved. Using complex tooling and adjusting the polyurethane compound to give an assembly that was strong enough to take a folded leather covering but with enough flexibility to be safe in the event of an impact, we managed to reduce the weight by over 50%.

Half a kilo doesn't sound much but on a £750,000 performance car it's a big deal.

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