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If you’ve got a new business to advertise or a new product to talk about then you’ll want to make an instant impression to get noticed. Brightly coloured, squeezy branded stress shapes do exactly that!

UK manufactured stressballs are the only slow release foam stress products available anywhere in the world. This is what gives them a quality feel, staying on your clients’ desk long after you’ve introduced yourself, giving you and your business maximum exposure.

Why buy from the UK manufacturer instead of China?

No harmful substances
All our products are free from life threatening cadmium and dangerous phthalates which are absolutely forbidden in European manufacturing.

Competitively priced
We already compete with China on special shapes. Pantone matched, printed and delivered to your customer in 2-3 weeks. We cannot be beaten on price and speed for this service.

Fast delivery
Ordering from the UK manufacturer means everything is available in 2-3 weeks, even custom shapes.

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