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A little bit about Urofoam

Urofoam is the leading manufacturer of practical foam products in the UK.

We’re experts in Polyurethane production and development.

We develop many components for products in industries such as; medical, leisure, automotive, sports, retail, bars and nightclubs and lots more. Polyurethane can be made to multiple densities and hardness. It can also be made waterproof with our Superskin coating. read more about Superskin

Urofoam Ltd How to get your foam project off the ground Call our Cheshire sales office on 01260 299 049 and we’ll have a chat about your project, from there we can provide assistance on the most effective way of using foam in your next project development. You can also email us your enquiry to with CAD files or images of your product/component. If you require a signed NDA (none disclosure agreement) to be in place before we proceed please email or fax to 01260 298 019.

Our team here at Urofoam are experts in the use of polyurethane, and can assist you in varying densities of foam. Please contact us to discuss your development needs... Click here

Stressballs We manufacture promotional stressballs, printed with your company’s logo or marketing message. These squidgy stress toys come in lots of different shapes and sizes and can be pantone matched to any colour to match your brand READ MORE

Foamballs We also supply foam sports equipment to the sports and leisure industry. We manufacture all weights and sizes of foam footballs, rugby balls, netballs, and lots more. These foam products are ideal for youth sports training READ MORE

Contract Moulding We are experts in Polyurethane production and development, from 3d CAD drawing to finished products or manufacturing components of an existing product. READ MORE

Medical Foam If you're designing new medical devices such as wheelchair cushions, neck & head supports or extremity positioners then you should consider PU (Polyurethane) foam as the ideal material for the job. We can advise you on the best way to move forward. READ MORE Contact Us
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