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A polyurethane plug and a stick of dynamite and we have ourselves a rock party!


Drill a big hole, throw in some dynamite and plug the hole so the explosion doesn’t trace its way back through the hole... simple, right? A Canadian mining company came to see us about developing a new kind of plug which could screw onto the mining rods and offer a more controlled explosion.

The challenge...

The reason for choosing polyurethane over the traditional rubber is the accuracy of the seal against the rock, the flexibility of the PU can mould itself into small crevices and create a tight seal, however, to get the density just right required lots of experimentation of moulding methods and materials.

The solution...

The only way to test our theories was to get samples sent and evaluated. A steel threaded insert also needed to be moulded into the part so a special rig was engineered to hold this in place while the material was poured around it. After several months of modifying the test samples and blowing up rocks, the client signed off on the project and is now a regular customer.

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